Transit means to transfer a non-customs duty cargo under the Islamic Republic Customs Department’s control from one customs office to another one which is obliged to pay the customs taxes or entrance permission to the destination’s customs office which is divided into two ways of transit, the internal and external transit.

Aria Farin Jaam Intranational Transportation Co. with more than a decade of professional activity in international transportation by relying on the knowledge of its experienced and knowledgeable staff, using efficient agents around the world, emphasizing on transportation speed and quality in service provides the most compatible transit rates for follow:

  •  Internal transit from all Iranian ports and entry points to all Iranian custom houses. (FCL & LCL)
  •  External transit from all Iranian ports and entry points to CIS, Afghanistan, Turkey and Iraq Kurdistan region.
  •  Internal and external transit of general, dangerous, project, break bulk and terrific cargoes by using especial trucks.
  •  Perishable cargoes transportation by using reefer trucks. 


• External Transit

External transit is importing the foreign products in order to pass the Iranian route from one Iranian customs to another one and this kind of cargo will be considered transit from the country will pass and under the import procedure (foreign transit) and will be free from any customs, trading taxes and tolls.

• Internal Transit

This kind of transit includes the transit to the free zones and internal customs offices.

Sometimes an importer brings a cargo from a customs office to the country but by some different reasons he will not be allowed to clear his cargo and bring it to the Iranian markets from the same customs office for example an importer transit his cargo to Bandar Abbas customs-house but due to the traffic and the high volume of different cargos he won’t be able to clear his cargo for a long time and he decides to transit his cargo to another local custom-houses, in the internal transit the product isn’t made in Iran but is used in Iran.