Air freight forwarding is one of the fastest and safest cargo transportation and nowadays is attracted by a lot of cargo traders and the important thing of the international air transport is the cargo value and its weight that can lead the merchant to one of the cargo services or express freight and this trend is proper for the commercial freights which have higher value and lower weight and the merchant needs urgent access to the cargo.

We at Aria Farin Jaam Company are offering the refrigerator and unrefrigerated air transport from all over the world.

  • Air import from the international airports of China, Europe, India, East and Central Asia, South America, etc. to Imam Khomeini, Shiraz, Isfahan and Mashhad international airports. 
  • Air exports from Imam Khomeini, Shiraz, Isfahan and Mashhad international airports to international airports in China, Europe, India, East and Central Asia, South America and...
  • Receiving cargo from the sender's door and deliver to the recipient's door (DOOR TO DOOR).
  • Receiving cargo from the sender's door and deliver at the destination airport (DOOR TO PORT).
  • Receiving cargo from the airport of origin to the airport of destination (PORT TO PORT).
  • Cross stuffing and switch.
  • Dangerous or perishable goods.
  • Personal stuff.


Is used for the cargos which do not have a commercial nature and only for the people who are travelling long distances or immigrating to the other countries.


Is used in the international air transports for relocation of the materials which are considered the commercial cargo and follow special different rules and expenses for the freight of their cargos.



In the air transport type of the cargos they usually replace special containers inside the airplanes to place different cargo into them and the cost of these containers spaces for each cube meter is equal to the value of a cargo with 167 Kilogram weight, therefore aside from the cargo weight, the cargo volume is also considered in the pricing and computation for instance if the cargo is one cube meter but has a very light weight, the basis volume computation of its volume is the same 167 Kilograms.

For the computation of the fare rate of the sea transport, we describe the following concepts:

• Gross weight which consists the product weight and its packaging.

• Volumetric weight or chargeable weight which consists of the volume weight according to the external dimensions of the cargo after packaging, therefore for the computation of the cargo volume, we multiply the cubic meter of the cargo volume by 167.

 For the considered computed weight for the cargo air transport we consider the different between cargo volume weight and the gross weight.