Aria Farin Jaam international transportation shipping company with more than one decade professional activities as one of the dynamic and pioneer in Iran has always tried to offer the most unique services by using the experiences of a veteran staff in the international transportation area with emphasizing the speed of the transport process.

The quality of our services and competitive rates according to the world’s standards in order to attract the customers satisfactions and keeping a longtime relationship are our first goal .


Also this company with the target of improvement and expansion of its professional activities by using a perfect relationship with its efficient agencies all around the world such as China, India and Dubai as well as the local ports like Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Khorramshahr and also the boarders of Jolfa and Astara , etc., offers the total services of the sea, air, land and cargo transits.


A summary of this company power in the region of international commerce are as follow:

  • NVOCC in the pathways of China and India.
  • Sea transport services.
  • Air transport services.
  •  Cargo transit from the southern ports to the local and foreign customs offices.
  •  Land cargo transport to CIS and European countries and versa.
  •  Air transport of the sensitive and valuable cargos.
  • The definite cargo clearance services.
  • The transport of the switch cargos.
  • The transport of the cross stuff cargos.
  • The customs affairs at Jebel Ali port.
  • Import and export from……….to Dubai.


-          FIATA membership.

-          IRU membership.

-          Member of the shipping association and related services.

-          Member of the global international transportation companies.

-          Member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mining and Agriculture.

-          Member of the marine and port organization.